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Kouzelnk Milo Mal - Karetn Magie


Card magic

- my specialization - I have chosen card magic because of its endless possibilities, combinations, suitability for improvisation and high interaction with spectators
- I only use an ordinary deck of cards that can be examined prior, during and after the show by the spectators (or I can show most of my magic with any borrowed deck of cards)
- I can perform magic under "all around conditions" - no matter how close the spectators are, they also get involved and some magic can happen right in their own hands
- magic that earned me reputation of thousands of spectators of all ages, magicians and on TV
- street-magic, tablehopping or stand-up show

- not only card magic - as an addition, I can also perform magic with other props (sponge balls, ropes, rings, presentation of "miraculous memory", children´s magic, balloon magic, etc.)