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Kouzelnk Milo Mal - Karetn Magie



Whether you are organizing a corporate event for your clients or business partners, hosting a private birthday party or wedding or you want to entertain your children, perhaps the true highlight of your event might be a magic show.

Close-up magic and tablehopping have been becoming increasingly popular forms of magic suitable for corporate parties, banquets, weddings, balls, team-building events, conferences and trade fairs or as entertainment for guests of hotels, restaurants and bars, but also for other specific types of events. I can speak both Czech and English.

I do not offer a grand show full of illusions and fireworks. My props usually fit into a small suitcase. I focus on magic you can see right in front of your eyes, improvisation, interaction with the spectators and personal approach. I specialize on card magic, magic that can happen right in your own hands, magic with props you can examine or you can bring your own deck of cards to challenge me to show you most of my magic with it.

Do you want to learn how tricks of false players and magicians work? Or would you rather be touched by mystery, be immersed into the world of magic and sorcery that will be brought to you by the republic champion of close-up magic, finalist and semi-finalist of two TV talent shows?

I constantly improve and extend my repertoir, so maybe you can witness something that has been never seen before!